Geometric Decor DIY For Your Modern Home


Modern homes require decors with modern touch. You wouldn’t want to put up a rustic decor inside because it might look out of place. But hey, there’s no wrong way to decorate your house as long as you like it. To match the modern accent that a house may have, geometric decor is something that comes into light. It’s mostly consist of constructs with vertices at certain angle but arranged well with aesthetic quality in mind.

Geometric Decor DIY

Geometric Decor DIY For Your Modern Home

These constructs can be terrarium, room decor, planter decor, himmeli and many more. One thing for sure is that they’re not only look elegant, but also levels up the appearance of your home entirely. Now, let’s see some of these creative options that we have.

1. Paper Succulent & Geometric Frame

Succulent is one of the easiest plant to take care of but it totally becomes maintenance free when it’s made of paper! This succulent is made of paper glued to a piece of card. Then, it is attached to a recycled jar. As for the geometric frame, first you need to have a print out of a pentagon. Cut the wooden dowels according to the length of the print out. Checkout the video tutorial below to see what I mean. Each of the wooden dowels are glued together with hot glue gun. You can also spray the wooden frame with metallic spray. Once you’re done, place the succulent with jar inside the geometric frame. Now, you have a wonderful centerpiece that you can place pretty much anywhere.


2. Diamonds In The Sky – Geometric Ceiling Flower Decor

Diamonds In The Sky – Geometric Ceiling Flower Decor

These diamonds decorate the space in your room with elegance and beauty that no other decorative items could ever have! The simple geometric shape can be made with 16 pieces of dowels connected with each other. Alternately, you can try out other geometrical shapes. After you’re done with the frame, you can stick some faux flowers and greens at one side of it. Finally, hang these up on the ceiling with a string. It makes a fascinating decoration idea for any spot in the house!

3. DIY Himmeli Geometric Plant Decor

DIY Himmeli Geometric Plant Decor

A succulent planter looks awesome by it self. It can be used to decorate the side table and shelves perfectly. It’s truly a nice option to go for when you wanted something green in the house. With this creative yet simple geometric decor, you could hike up the beauty of your planter display to another level! This geometric frame is made using plastic straws. It’s such a nice DIY idea for your home and at the same time saving the environment. You can connect each straw parts together using hot glue gun, wire or strings. Choose your materials as to your convenience. Then, color it with rose gold metallic spray.

4. DIY Himmeli Patriotic Stars Garland

These awesome stars not only reminds you of Captain America, they make pretty decent wall decorations as well for Patriot day! These beauties are also made with straws. Each are cut into the right sizes and connected together with wire. Once you get them into the right shape, spray them with colors for that amazing finish. You can hook these up onto the wall using command hooks.

5. DIY Geometric Icosahedron Copper Pipe Light

DIY Geometric Icosahedron Copper Pipe Light

Icosahedron is a 20-sided polygon shape. In this beautiful lighting we can see how what used to be copper pipe becomes an extra light decorative frame that change its outlook. It might be possible to use rolled up paper material such as magazine or card instead of copper pipe. That’s because copper pipe is kinda heavy. The original creator used heavy duty toggle bolts to support the weight of the light and the copper frame. The frame will need 30 pieces of 7.5 inches copper pieces depending on the size of the light fixture that you have. Give them a metallic spray before combining them together with copper wire. You might have to slot it into your light fixture before completely closing the final frame.

6. Geometric Triangle Planter

Geometric Triangle Planter

Upgrade your plant by letting them hang over the ceiling! To have this geometric planter fit your pot perfectly, you’ll have to do some simple math. Make sure the pot shape is in a way that it won’t easily slide through the gap of the triangular space. You can use copper tubing for this. It is strong enough and should handle the weight of most small sized planters. Pipe cutter is needed to slice the copper tubing into the right proportion. String is used for this original creation but it might be better to use wire instead since they’re much more tougher.

DIY Tape Mural Wall Art paint ideas

Here’s an easy way to create a feature wall in any room of your house. Using nothing more than painters tape, a few different colors of paint, and a paint brush, you can create a bold modern geometric statement wall. The beauty of this idea is that no two walls will be exactly the same. The shapes can be created in endless combinations, with either just a few large areas or lots of taped off sections creating smaller patterns.

Here are some inspirational examples to give you some ideas for your own walls.

DIY Tape Mural Wall Art paint ideas

geometric shapes and colorful colors

DIY Geometric Feature Wall

trendy wall murals painted teens beds

geometric wall paint


DIY Tape Mural Wall Art paint ideas

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Square Frame Candle Light

Square Frame Candle Light

Here’s a well-decorated square frame with electric candle light that will surely light up your room with love and warmth! This isn’t exactly a DIY but it sure makes heck of a great idea! The frame is so basic, you could follow it easily. Connect each wooden dowels with hot glue gun. Then, decorate the frames with faux greens and flowers all around it. Make it look like they are growing on those frames! Be sure to make a platform for you to place the candles.