Gray Living Rooms That Make a Striking Statement


The living room often serves as the first impression guests have of your home and are where you spend most of your time entertaining. For that reason, deciding on the color scheme and design of your living room is an especially important part of styling your home. No matter your style, there’s one color scheme that exudes understated sophistication: gray.

Gray living rooms are a wonderfully neutral—yet far from boring—way to center your home and provide a sense of calm. For those who favor minimal, pared-down approaches to design, this uncomplicated color scheme is a gorgeous way to bring attention to clean design and quality finishes.

So we’ve rounded up photos of gray living rooms that make a striking statement.


gray living rooms

The neutral gray palette makes this living room’s eye-catching artwork—and matching throw pillows—stand out.

gray living room ideas

The modern design of this space proves even more striking in shades of gray.


gray living room that 1

Minimalism at its most beautiful, this living room boasts a clean, streamlined design in white, black, and gray.

cozy gray living room ideas

For a cozier feel, grays with a touch of blue and accented by greens can bring more life into space.

gray living rooms with the large concrete wall detailing

The subdued gray of the couch plays off the large concrete wall detailing and works with the pared-back palette.

gray living rooms with a blue velvet throw pillow

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The use of gray in this living room—for the couch, rug, side table, and back wall—allows the other pieces—a blue velvet throw pillow, a natural leather chair, or an oversized black fireplace—to act as accents.

gray hue living room

This gray hue is warmed up when paired with purple via a rug, throw pillows, and florals.

gray living room with natural wood

Grays look great with natural wood and brass finishes.

gray living room and metal tones

Having gray center the living room can be as simple as choosing pieces in gray and metal tones and letting accents like wall art, vases, or other décor details pop out against the neutral base.

gray living room by gray concrete ceilings

This living room is surrounded by gray concrete ceilings and walls but somehow despite that, it still feels warm. The texture of the rug and the sofa helps to create a homely vibe here in a room that could easily turn stark.

minimal and sleek gray living room

This living room is super minimal and sleek with mostly gray from the walls to the rug and the furniture. The forest green velvet cushions help to lift it with a hint of color.

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