13 Moroccan Home Decoration Ideas


You should know about this kind of home style. It is the best home style and decor from Africa. The Moroccan style is identical to Islamic architecture, especially on the construction and the ornament of the building. This kind of home decoration and style uses some antique patterns and cool material like ceramic. You can try to decor your home with a Moroccan home decoration by using things which are representing the Moroccan style.

Moroccan Home Decoration Ideas

Check out these 15 Moroccan home decoration ideas if you need some inspiration.

1. Moroccan Living Room Decoration

moroccan home decoration ideas 1

You can make your living room looks awesome with some Moroccan things like the curtain, the furniture, the rug, and also for the table centerpiece.


2. Colorful Moroccan Decoration

Moroccan Living Room Decoration

This home uses a colorful Moroccan decoration style which is not only bright and cool for the home but also antique with the architecture.

3. Small Moroccan Living Room

Small Moroccan Living Room

You don’t have to worry about your small living room. You can still make your living room looks amazing by using Moroccan decoration to the furniture and also the floor with its rug.

4. Simple Moroccan Decoration

Simple Moroccan Decoration

When you don’t like to have too many ornaments in your home, you can still create a Moroccan decoration using a rug only.

5. Moroccan Living Room with Blue Carpet

Moroccan Living Room with Blue Carpet

One thing that makes this Moroccan living room looks great is the rug. When all the Moroccan decoration is perfect for the wall and furniture, the rug is completing them.

6. Moroccan Kitchen Rug

Moroccan Kitchen Rug

A Moroccan rug will always give you the best thing to have. It can be used for your kitchen as the most awesome decoration for the floor.

7. Moroccan Bedroom Decoration

Moroccan Bedroom Decoration

This bedroom has an ethnic Moroccan style but still has some modern patterns on its decoration, especially the rug and the wall color.

8. Moroccan Bedroom Design

Moroccan Bedroom Design

The perfect thing about this Moroccan bedroom is not only about the things on the bed but also the antique headboard.

9. Blue Moroccan Living Room

Blue Moroccan Living Room

You can combine the Moroccan pattern and ornament with your favorite color. Apply the combination on the rug, the sofa, and even the curtains.

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10. Classic Moroccan Bedroom

Classic Moroccan Bedroom

When you don’t want to have a colorful bedroom with Moroccan decoration and style, you can choose to decor your bedroom with classic Morrocan style.

11. Grey White Moroccan Decoration

Grey White Moroccan Decoration

You can try this Moroccan decoration idea too for your home. It has a grey and white style of the color and also the perfect ornament.

11. Colorful Moroccan Living Room

Colorful Moroccan Living Room

For you who want to make such as a colorful Moroccan living room, don’t forget to use some patterns with some cool wall decoration too.

12. Moroccan Pillows for Living Room

Moroccan Pillows for Living Room

Just look at those Moroccan pillows. They look perfect with the pattern of the sofa and also the rug on the floor. It is an awesome Moroccan decoration for your living room.

13. Modern Moroccan Bedroom

Modern Moroccan Bedroom

You can still make your bedroom looks modern even when you decorate it with the Moroccan style using the Moroccan rug and light.

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